Webtasker is free service by www.CentroRed.Com



Free tool for the coordination of closed workgroups.


Webtasker is an agenda designed for those Internet users who are in need of complete works in a distributed environment where the collaborators doesn't have direct contact.

Webtasker has a ranked structure. Thus, the group creator or super-user can assign task to other users, as well as theese can assign other tasks to users under their command.

Every group user has his private access keys and can check the status of the shared tasks.

Moreover, him/her can notify to the rest of the group any change in the general way of the tasks.

The system (still in Beta stage, though operative), allow the creation of a new workgroup simply by filling a form. In this form you can select the language of your choice.

The system inform automaticaly about the creation of the news groups.

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